Seavolution Granular

Seavolution Granular is a natural organic soil conditioner. 100% dried seaweed derived from fresh ascophyllum nodosum.

Seavolution Granular can be used on all sand and soil based loams, helping to produce an improved soil structure and enhanced root development for the grass turf plant. It contains three different seaweed types, each component having a different benefit.

50% Micronised Ascphyllum nodosum
Fast acting - available to the plant straight away and will breakdown completely within 6 weeks of application.

25% Ascophyllum seaweed meal
Slow release - this conventional seaweed will break down within 4 months of application, providing long term improvement to the soil structure.

25% Calcified seaweed
With more than 25% of natural calcium and about 3% of natural magnesium, this product benefits the turf both directly and indirectly.


Light Application Rate:25kg/500m2
Normal Application Rate:40kg/500m2
Heavy Application Rate:50kg/500m2

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