Sportnem H

Without insecticides to control the Crane fly larva and Chafer Grub, we will have to rely on the use of entomopathogenic nematodes to reduce the number of leatherjacket & chafer grubs in the soil. Applied as a drench with the addition of Nemaflo, the nematodes move through the moist soil to find Chafer Grub larvae.

Good timing and application is crucial. Once a nematode has found and penetrated a pest larva through a body opening, it begins its’ destructive work. In order to convert the larva into food, the nematode releases symbiotic bacteria. These bacteria spread throughout the larvae, multiplying rapidly while feeding on the host tissue and converting it into a form easily taken up by the nematodes. The infected larvae die within a few days, but the nematodes continue to multiply and develop in the host. As soon as the nematodes are in the infectious third stage, they leave the host and start searching for new targets. The nematode population will slowly decrease once there are no new hosts present.

Applied as a drench the nematodes move through the moist soil to find a Chafer Grub releasing symbiotic bacteria which feed on the host. In addition to Chafer Grubs Sportnem H also controls Bibionid Fly. The adult Chafer Bettle is often seen in May/ June, with the very small grubs hatching from late June onwards. These grubs immediately start feeding and are fully grown by autumn. As soil temperatures drop, grubs stop feeding and go deeper into the soil.


Application Timing


Best results are achieved when application starts at first signs of larvae, rather than retrospectively.When the crane flies start appearing, they will be laying eggs. Two weeks later, these eggs will turn into larvae (usually around mid-September). Young larvae are more susceptible to nematodes. Chafer adults will be found feeding on local trees and shrubs in May/June. These will start laying eggs in July.


Applying both Sportnem T and Sportnem H if both pests are present


Just mix and apply. However, different nematodes are not compatible long-term. This means that we will not supply both nematodes in the same packs.

Storing Guidelines


Immediately upon arrival, open and store the individual 250 million packets in the fridge until ready to use. If refrigerated between 2-60C and kept in the dark, Sportnem nematodes should remian aliver for over 4 weeks.



Water Rate:50 L/5002

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