T2 Green Pro

T2 Green Pro is a selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds in managed amenity turf.

The product controls a broad spectrum of weeds including many difficult perennial weeds.

T2 Green Pro can be tank-mixed with Duplosan KV and Depitox. for an even broader weed control spectrum. In managed amenity turf an application of fertiliser 1 to 2 weeks before treatment will aid weed control.

Key points:

  • Apply between April - September when the grass is actively growing
  • The maximum total dose must not exceed 5 litres product/ha/year


Contains:43.3 g/L mecoprop-P
245 g/L MCPA
19.5 g/L dicamba
Application Rate:5 L/ha
Water Rate:170 - 400 L/ha

Pack Information

CodePack Size
10022310 litre

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