Trojan SPR 60 Sprayer

The Trojan SPR60 is a 3 wheel, 60 litre capacity professional quality pedestrian sprayer.

The unit can be used to accurately apply a wide range of products onto areas such as golf greens, bowls greens, cricket pitches, sports pitches and ornamental lawns.

The SPR60 is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards by an established company with many years experience in design and manufacture of sprayers and applicators in both the amenity and agricultural market.

The sprayer is ideally balanced on 3 wheels with pneumatic tyres and has a removable and high adjustable 2 metre front folding boom, complete with 4 sets of colour coded triple nozzle bodies. Nozzles can easily can be changed by twisting the unit until the desired nozzle is selected.


Each sprayer comes with a one year warranty as standard. In the unlikely event that the sprayer breaks down in the first year, we will arrange for it to be returned to the manufacturer, where it will be thoroughly tested and any faults repaired.

Key points

  • Tank has 10” access lid
  • Triple nozzle bodies
  • Heavy duty 12v battery
  • On board 1 metre hand lance with 6 metre hose
  • Liquid agitation or spray valve
  • Compatible with Driftmaster shrouded boom
  • Powder coated steel chassis
  • Integral charging point
  • Spares available on next day service


Spray Tank:60 litre impact resistant polyethylene
Pump:High output (14 litre per minute)
Boom:Folding 2 metre boom, fully removable
Wheels:3 with pneumatic tyres
Controls:Filtration, Pressure Guage & Regulator

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