Vaminoc G

Vaminoc G is a granular mycorrhizal fungal inoculant used to improve establishment of re-seeded areas and newly laid turf.

Vaminoc G has been used successfully on a wide range of sports venues. Applications are particularly effective when they have been used in conjunction with washed turf, resulting in improved rooting and anchoring.

Key points:

  • Increased establishment of newly or re-seeded turf
  • Increased root growth on sand-based rootzones
  • Increased root extension and improved anchorage of newly laid turf
  • Encourages the finer more desirable grass species
  • Does not promote establishment of Poa annua
  • Denser turf
  • Greater fertiliser utilisation


Formulation:Fine granules
Application Rate:200 kg/ha
Pack Coverage:500 m2

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
1006710 kg