FP 06 Fungicide Package

Having undergone independent trials, Instrata Elite in the new FP6 demonstrated strong suppression and curative effects with respect to Microdochium patch.

When supported with Go Green Plus for growth, recovery and presentation. This was achieved under optimum disease causing conditions and trial results exceeded the performance of our original MP6 package.


Contains:1 x 3 litre Instrata Elite
4 x 5 litre GoGreen Plus
Application Rate:3 L/ha Instrata Elite
20 L/ha GoGreen Plus
Pack Coverage:1 hectare
Water Rate:500 L/ha
Product Activity:Curative & Preventative
Product Controls:Microdochium Patch
Activity:Systemic & Contact
Nutrient :Iron (Fe)

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
83671 hectare