TechniTurf fine rye

TechniTurf fine rye

With highly rated fine perennial ryegrass cultivars, this mixture shines in providing excellent performance, speed of establishment, resistance to wear and leaf density under close mown conditions. Ideal for cricket wicket, tennis, and tees renovation.


  • 10% Aniston Perennial ryegrass
  • 40% Chardin Perennial ryegrass
  • 50% Chloe Perennial ryegrass

All cultivars have been assessed and listed by the STRI. Cultivars may be exchanged for alternatives of the same or higher rating.


Sowing rate:35 - 50g/m2
Oversowing:25 - 50g/m2
Sowing depth:12-15mm
Mowing height:Down to 8 mm

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