TechniTurf tees and fairway non-rye

TechniTurf tees and fairway non-rye

Comprising of three excellent cultivars of fescue species to deliver exceptional shoot density, salt tolerance and visual merit combined with fast establishment and turf recovery. Ideal for fairways, roughs, tees, low growing embankments or when a low input maintenance regime is in place.


  • 35% Highnote Chewing’s fescue
  • 35% Archibal Slender creeping red fescue
  • 30% Rossinante Strong creeping red fescue

All cultivars have been assessed and listed by the STRI. Cultivars may be exchanged for alternatives of the same or higher rating.


Sowing rate:30-50g/m2
Sowing depth:4-6 mm
Mowing height:Down to 10 mm

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