YaraTera KRISTA K PLUS (13.7-0-46.3) is a fully water soluble potassium nitrate fertiliser.

The YaraTera® range of fertilisers are free-flowing and dissolve quickly and easily in water without leaving any residues. The resulting fertiliser solution can then be applied through a knapsack or vehicle mounted boom sprayer. YaraTera® fertilisers can be tank mixed to provide a bespoke nutrient solution to quickly address nutrient deficiencies or to provide nutrients on an as needed basis.

Key benefits

  • Delivers essential plant nutrients directly to the leaf
  • Quickly relieves nutrient deficiency symptoms
  • Designed for rapid mixing
  • Widely tank mixable

Technical information

The YaraTera® range of fertilisers are perfect for foliar application. The risk of burning or scorching from YaraTera® fertilisers is minimal due to the inclusion of formulations with low electrical conductivities and with low or zero chlorine, sodium, and heavy metals. The range offers flexibility with each product containing a maximum of two plant essential nutrients. This leaves the user free to easily create a specific mix of nutrients designed for their exact requirements.
  • Perfect for designing feeding programmes with specific nutrient requirements
  • Low scorch risk
  • Low chlorine formulations

Compatibility of YaraTera® fertilisers

Product analysis

Total nitrogen (N) 13.7%
Nitric nitrogen (N) 13.7%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 46.3%


Application Rate:25-50kg/ha
Pack Coverage:10,000-5,000m2
Water Rate:300-600l/ha
Product Longevity:2-4 weeks

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
825725 kg