Krista-K Plus

Krista K Plus is a 100% water soluble, sulphur-free, potassium nitrate fertiliser that is ideal for use at any time of the year but is particularly useful in spring and autumn when soil temperatures are low.

Krista K Plus will provide an immediate but gentle boost to growth when other fertilisers are waiting for warmth. The high potassium content will help replenish levels in soils that have developed a deficiency from supporting strong seasonal growth in the summer.

Key Points:

  • 100% soluble NK fertiliser
  • Ideal for use in cool conditions
  • Helps replace potassium in tired soils
  • Easy to use and store


Application Rate:25 - 50 kg/ha
Water Rate:300 - 600 L/ha

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
825725 kg