Krista Urea

A versatile, high nitrogen fertiliser that has many advantages over conventional granule fertilisers.

 Krista Urea contains 46.4%N, the highest possible nitrogen content of any material used innutrition. This makes it more cost-effective to transport and store.

Urea is non-corrosive to iron, steel, nickel and aluminium, therefore it will not damage application equipment in the way that some fertilisers can. It is not readily flammable, is self-extinguishing and non-explosive, so it is safer to transport and store in large quantities.

Krista Urea is highly soluble but can also be applied in solid prill form.

  • Use from November - February for de-icing


Application Rate:2.5 - 10 g/m2
Water Rate:300 - 400 L/ha

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