Sportsmaster WSF High K

Sportsmaster WSF High K is a premium water soluble fertilizer that is equipped with Everris’ patented Tmax technology. This allows for incredible nutrient uptake through the roots and leaves.

Sportsmaster WSF High K is perfect to use anytime between spring and late autumn. It is great to combine with a main granular fertilizer program. It is best to apply the fertilizer before stressful periods like drought or winter.

The low Nitrogen to high Potassium ratio helps to ensure maximum hardening of the turf with minimal growth. The Nitrogen urea source creates efficient foliar uptake. The chelated Iron content enriches turf colour.

Key points:

  • Ideal to use between spring and late autumn
  • Can be combined with a main granular fertiliser program
  • Best to apply before stressful conditions
  • Delivers great turf hardiness with minimal growth
  • Nitrogen urea source allows for great foliar uptake
  • Chelated Iron content enhances turf colour


Analysis:15.0-43 + 0.13Fe
Formulation:Water Soluble
Application Rate:15 - 60 g/m2

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