Evolution Naturelle Base 4-3-2

A premium granular soil improver which will enhance the properties of the soil, supporting healthy plant growth and contributing towards an increased cation exchange capacity.

Evolution Naturelle Base 4-3-2 is formulated from processed poultry manure and is designed to be used across a range of horticultural applications including the construction, renovation and revitalisation of turf surfaces, landscape constructions, amenity and ornamental plant borders. Evolution Naturelle Base 4-3-2 can also be used to improve potting soils and composts.

Containing 100% organically derived primary micronutrients within a total organic matter content of 55%. The low carbon to nitrogen ratio promotes stimulation of essential soil microorganisms which further support efficient plant metabolic function and a diverse soil ecosystem.


Application Rate:Turf, trees and shrubs 50-100g/m2
Hanging baskets 5-10g/l compost
Pack Coverage:400-200m2
Product Longevity:3-4 months
Cutting height:All turf
Granule size:1.0-4.0mm

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