Sierrablen 27.5.5

Sierrablen 27.5.5 + Fe provides sufficient nutrition for the main growing season in just one single application.

Sierrablen 27.5.5 + Fe's controlled release nitrogen content matches the plants requirements to give continuous growth over 8-9 months. It contains a controlled release NPK and a low amount of readily available nitrogen for an immediate response even at low temperatures. This nitrogen is only released in conditions favourable to turf grass growth, therefore helping to pre-stress condition the plant.

Sierrablen 27-5-5+Fe can be used as a base feed at lower rates and supplemented with additional nutrients as required.  Iron enhances turf colour.

Key points: 

  • Nutrition for the main growing season in only 1 application
  • Controlled nitrogen release for 8-9 months
  • Nitrogen released only when growing conditions are favourable
  • Helps pre-stress condition the plant
  • Controlled NPK and low nitrogen give immediate response
  • Can be used in low temperatures
  • Ideal base feed at lower rates
  • Can be supplemented with additional nutrients as required
  • Iron content enhances colour


Analysis:27.5.5 + Fe
Application Rate:40 - 60g/m2
Longevity:8 - 9 months

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