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ProTurf’s is a range of high quality blended granular fertilisers with controlled release technology designed for use on tees, surrounds, fairways, sports fields and lawns.

Formulated to give strong immediate response then a 2 - 3 month release pattern. The range also contains a new multi-nutrient compound fertiliser component, containing four macro-nutrients (K, MgO, CaO & S) all in one granule.

Key points:

  • Quick release gives immediate response
  • Controlled nutrient delivery sustains growth for 2 - 3 months
  • High quality blend in a cost effective formulation
ProTurf 12-5-20

ProTurf 12-5-20

ProTurf 12-5- 20 sustains, strengthens and hardens turf through the autumn and...


MSDS ProTurf 12-5-20

ProTurf 20-0-7

ProTurf 20-0-7

High impact fertiliser for sportsfields, fairways, tees and outfields.


MSDS ProTurf 20-0-7