Evolution Naturelle Base Zeorite

A premium micro grade clinoptilolite zeolite suitable for use on a wide range of sports turf surfaces and construction rootzones. Both as a dressing on existing surfaces and an amendment additive to new construction rootzones.

Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring form of zeolite, a microporous aluminosilicate mineral renowned for its large volume to surface area and ability to capture molecular ions. These characteristics contribute to enhanced water holding, oxygen and nutrient holding (CEC) capacity in soils and constructed rootzones.


Application Rate:Contstruction rootzones 10%w/w
Top dressing 25%w/w
Straight dressing 35-100g/m2
Pack Coverage:571-200m/2
Product Longevity:3-4 months
Cuting height:All turf
Granule size:0.1-0.7mm

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