Evolution Naturelle Micro Autumn 5-0-25

Premium range micro-granular organo-mineral fertiliser

Evolution Naturelle is a premium organo-mineral fertiliser designed to release nitrogen gradually over time and to provide essential nutritional elements to aid healthy plant growth. Use of Evolution Naturelle Micro fertilisers encourages a dense sward through the development of shorter, firm leaf blades and increased tillering.

The micro-granular formulation allows Evolution Naturelle Micro to be used on all sports and amenity turf surfaces, in particular fine turf such as golf greens. In addition to providing nitrogen and other essential plant nutrients, these organo-mineral fertilisers stimulate soil microorganisms and support a diverse soil ecosystem.

Key benefits

  • Provides a slow-release source of nitrogen over time
  • Provides essential nutrients to aid healthy plant growth
  • Encourages a denser sward with firmer leaf blades
  • Suitable for use on all sports and amenity turf surfaces including fine turf

Technical information

Evolution Naturelle Micro provides a phased release of nitrogen gradually over time thanks to the inclusion of multiple nitrogen sources including urea, and organic nitrogen. Increased microorganism activity in the soil generated by the organic matter releases further amounts of plant available nitrogen and helps to reduce the build-up of thatch.

The phased release of nitrogen results in lower emissions of ammonia and nitrous oxide in comparison to mineral fertilisers and a reduction in the potential for leaching. This means that more of the applied nitrogen is available for plant use over time.

  • Includes multiple nutrient sources which deliver a phased release of nitrogen
  • Decreases potential nitrogen losses to the environment

Product analysis

Total nitrogen (N) 5%
Ureic nitrogen 2.8%
Organic nitrogen 2.3%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 25.1%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%
Iron (Fe) 1%
Organic matter 27.9%
Carbon to nitrogen ratio 2.7


Formulation:Micro granular
Application Rate:25-50g/m2
Pack Coverage:800-400m2
Product Longevity:6-10 weeks
Granule size:1-2mm
Cutting height:All turf

Product Usage Calendar

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