Evolution Naturelle Base Planter

A premium organo-mineral formulation for a range of amenity plants with a high requirement for potassium including trees, shrubs, perennials and annual bedding. It is particularly suitable for container grown flowering plants and hanging baskets.

Evolution Naturelle Base 7-6-14 contains slow release, organic components which provide consistent nutrition for reliable growth and abundant flowering throughout the growing season.

The organic matter content and low carbon to nitrogen ratio promotes stimulation of essential soil microorganisms which further support efficient plant metabolic function and a diverse soil ecosystem.


Application Rate:Hanging baskets 2-5g/l compost
Trees and shrubs 20-50g/m2
Pack Coverage:1000-333m2
Product Longevity:3-4 months
Granule size:1.0-4.0mm

Product Usage Calendar

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