Floranid Twin Eagle NK 17-0-16

The slow-release fine turf fertilisers in the Floranid®Twin range are comprised of a unique combination of two highly efficient and well-proven nitrogen compounds, ISODUR® and CROTODUR®.

This double N technology ensures a long-lasting and reliable supply of nitrogen at the highest possible utilisation rate and guarantees optimal plant growth.

Floranid®Twin Eagle Master is a complete fertiliser with an appropriate nutrient ratio for high-quality sports turf. The granule size of Floranid®Twin Eagle Master is very fine and uniform, making it ideal for greens, tees and high quality sports turf surfaces. Floranid®Twin Eagle Master has a reliable slow nitrogen release over several months and also promotes vital root growth.

  • Fantastic granulation for perfectly even spread
  • Quick granule breakdown ensures no product is removed during mowing
  • Can be used as a base feed with top up liquids


Application Rate:20-40g/m2
Pack Coverage:1250-625m2
Product Longevity:Upto 16 weeks
Granulation size:0.5-1.4mm
Cutting height:All turf

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