Sierrablen Plus Active (4-5M)

Sierrablen Plus Active 18.5.18 +2MgO is a balanced NK fertiliser with P for use from spring to summer and controls its release of nutrients from 4-5 months.

Sierrablen Plus Active includes a full trace element package to improve turf health and recovery from stress. The Magnesium content improves turf colour and masks the symptoms of stress.

Key points: 

  • Balanced NK with P controlled release fertiliser
  • Can be used anytime between spring and summer
  • Full trace element package to improve turf health and aid recovery
  • Magnesium content enhances colour and helps mask the symptoms of stress


Analysis:18.5.18 + 2MgO
Application Rate:30 - 45 g/m2
Pack Coverage:667 - 833m2
Longevity:4 - 5 months

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CodePack Size
919025 kg




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