Sierrablen Plus Renovator

SierrablenPlus Renovator is a mini-granular fertiliser ideal for over-seeding or when laying new turf, controls its release of nutrients up to 3 months.

SierrablenPlus Renovator ensures the optimum nutrient distribution for young seedlings and newly laid turf, and the controlled release nutrients minimise the risk of burning to young grass.

The phosphate content strengthens cell walls and aids water regulation in the plant. The grass plant is more resistant to extremes of temperature, and the magnesium content enhances turf colour and helps to mask the symptoms of stress.

Key points: 

  • Ideal during over-seeding or when laying new turf
  • Mini-granules deliver optimum nutrient distribution
  • Minimises the risk of burning to young grass
  • High phosphate levels promote strong root growth
  • Fast establishment and dense sward


Application Rate:25 - 35g/m2
Pack Coverage:714 - 1,000m2
Longevity:3 months

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978225 kg




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